The topic I chose for my Antcoc project is ‘Rape Cases in Malaysia’. I chose this topic for several reasons. I find this topic interesting for one thing and another is that cases of rape occurring rampantly around Malaysia nowadays. The issue of rape is also becoming a recurring subject of discussion among many parties as it not only concerns the safety and rights of women, but the security within the country itself. Besides, this issue addresses the deterioration of morality among men and degradation of values held by today’s Malaysian society. Within this topic itself as well, there is much discussion about women declaring their rights and claiming justice for the crimes that have been forced on them. It does not end there; women also begin to form strong bonds by offering emotional support and helping those who have been involved in these cases. These have captivated me and thus I chose this topic.

I obtained my corpus from the Staronline newspaper website and through BLIS (Bernama Library and Infolink Service). The articles I have used in this project are from The Star and New Straits Times. In the search engine for both sites, I have typed phrases like ‘rape’, ‘rape cases’, and ‘rape cases in malaysia’. I have also used the Google search engine to get these websites and I have typed in keywords like ‘staronline’ and ‘ukm ptsl’.

I used 51 articles. I converted the articles into text form by copying the original article from the original website and pasting them into the Notepad software. Then, I saved them as Text Document (txt.) as the type of file to be run through the Antconc.



Based on the articles that have been run through Antconc, the results have stated that the word ‘women’ have 22 hits. The word ‘woman’ had 25 hits while the word ‘girl’ received 74 hits. These results reaffirm the fact that majority of rape victims are females. Furthermore, they show that majority of the victims are below 18. This also shows that many young girls have been violated and damaged physically as well as emotionally before even reaching adulthood.

The word ‘men’ appeared 31 times in the Antconc. The word ‘man’ received 30 hits and the word ‘youth’ had 4 hits. As for the word ‘boy’, it also received 4 hits. This shows that the perpetrators of rape cases are men. Besides, this also shows that most of the rapists are adult men. Other than that, it can be clearly seen that majority of the rape cases that occurred involved more than one rapist. It is also a shocking fact that these adult men had defiled young girls whom had not reached womanhood yet. The word ‘teenager’ came up with 5 hits, noting the involvement of youngsters in these cases.

The word ‘student’ had 22 hits. This shows the involvement of those still studying in schools and universities or colleges in these cases, either as the victims or the suspects. The word ‘teacher’ had 25 hits. Out of 25 hits, 5 hits were from an article where the teacher helped the victim to report to the police regarding what the suspect had done to her. The remaining 20 hits associated the teachers with the word ‘rape’. This result is indeed alarming as it shows that a lot of the nation’s own educators are rapists themselves. This raises the question whether students in schools are safe or not for many parents. In addition, it also questions the training teachers receive nowadays and the screening for future teachers in universities and colleges. The word ‘worker’ came up with 7 hits. This shows that even normal people working in places like restaurants, temples and factories can turn out to be rapists. Meanwhile, 11 hits appeared when the word ‘boyfriend’ was put into the Antconc and was associated with the word ‘rape’. It indicates that some girls don’t choose their boyfriends wisely and some boys or men are not sincere when they hook up with girls. The word ‘farmer’ came up with 2 hits. It denotes that a small number of rapists could be farmers. The word ‘guard’ appeared 5 times and it notes that those who are keeping certain places safe can’t be entirely trusted either.

As for the word ‘fathers’, it received 25 hits. This indicates two different matters: some of the fathers whom were associated with rape are the violators themselves and some of them were involved with helping their children after discovering their daughter were raped. The word ‘mother’ received 10 hits. This denotes that mothers are also often involved in rape cases indirectly or not. The statements above shows that both parents whom are related to either the victim or suspect are often involved in the rape cases too.

The word ‘school’ received 31 hits. It indicates that some rape cases happened in schools and this statement is quite disconcerting enough as the place that is perceived and believed to be the safest for children and youngsters can be dangerous places to be. The word ‘jungle’ came up with 5 hits and it shows that jungles – isolated places – can be locations of rape. In addition, the word ‘restaurant’ received 5 hits. This shows that a public place like restaurants can be places of rape. The word ‘house’ had 42 hits. In other words, many rape cases happen in houses that belong to the suspect.

The word ‘spiked’ appeared with 2 hits, along with the word ‘drink’. This shows another tactic that is utilized by men to make it easier for them to rape the victims. They will invite them out for a drink and spiked the drink without the victim realizing it. When the victim’s consciousness and rationale begin to drop, they start to rape the victim. The word ‘sodomy’ came up with 4 hits. It shows that a few rapists would force such repulsive acts upon girls or women.

Furthermore, the word ‘police’ came up with 86 hits and this denotes that most of the rape cases that occurred had been reported to the police. In addition, the word ‘report’ received 55 hits. This notes that many of the rape cases have been filed in as reports to the police and related authorities. Other than that, 76 hits appeared when the word ‘sentence’ was put into the Antconc. This shows that all of the defendants were given sentences for their crimes. 41 hits appeared for the word ‘judge’ in the Antconc. This notes the involvement of courtroom judges in rape cases. The word ‘court’ had 85 hits. Rape cases are serious offenses and this means that it has to be brought into courts for the punishments on the defendants to be decided. The word ‘bail’ received 28 hits and it indicates that many of the victims tried to appeal for bail. As for the word ‘rotan’, it appeared with 18 hits and it shows that many of the suspects were given rotan strokes as their punishment. The word ‘whipping’ got 6 hits. This shows that a number of the rapists were sentenced with whipping as one of their punishments. Moreover, the word ‘fined’ received 3 hits. This means that a small number of the rapists were sentenced with a large sum of fine. As for the word ‘jail’, it received 44 hits. This indicates that many of the rapists were sent to jail as their penalty.

For the word ‘arrest’, 7 hits appeared. This indicates that some of the rapists had to be arrested forcefully. Besides, the word ‘abetting’ came up with 4 hits and this shows that a few of the rapists had influence their friends to commit rape. Meanwhile, the word ‘charged’ had 44 hits. Many of the rapists were charged with heavy penalties in court for their wrongdoings.

21 hits came up for the word ‘counsel’. This indicates that counsels were involved in these rape cases, defending either the victim or the accused. ‘Counsel’ in this context could also mean the act of counselling the victims. As for the word ‘support’, after being run through the Antconc, it came up with 5 hits. This shows that support is offered to help victims of rape. The word ‘anti-rape’ appeared with 3 hits. This indicates that there are people whom have started having awareness of rape against women and are beginning to oppose the act of rape on women.


The conclusion is that both women and girls should be more careful when they are out of their houses. Furthermore, they should not hide the truth that they were raped away from their parents or the police. They must tell their parents immediately and file a report to ensure the arrest of the culprit/culprits and their punishments for the crimes they had committed.

Other than that, women support groups should stick together and offer more widespread assistance and counsel to victims of rape. Public security should be tightened and upped to decrease the number of possible rape cases. Society also should not disparage or blame victims of rape, instead they should offer them constant support, be it emotional, tangible, informational or through companionship. In addition, children and teenagers should be exposed to more anti-rape campaigns and taught on how to respect each other.



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