Computer Assisted Language Learning or CALL is a method in developing study skills. There are many advantages for the CALL classroom. Firstly, it enhances the motivation level of students. Besides, teachers can customize any CALL program to the syllabus or course design that they are using to increase the level of proficiency in students. Furthermore, there are no limitations with regard to practice-sessions or time. Students can also have as many practice-sessions as they wish, repeat the tasks any number of times to acquire mastery and select the material according to their individual requirements. In addition, it has a powerful self-access facility and gives immense scope for self-learning. Moreover, teachers in language classes give students exercises to write. Next, CALL software has tutorial modes, which help the students explore the correct answers and learn from the errors they make. As computers can store, access and analyze more data than books, they create a technology enabled exciting learning environment.

Besides, CALL itself provides many advantages. First of all, the immediate feedback given by computers helps the students to analyse patterns in the language and this increases the motivational level of students. Besides, CALL programmes besides helping the learner to learn a foreign language or a second language, also provides some computer literacy. Furthermore, CALL programmes provide the information requested in a very short time, almost instantaneously. In addition, by using CALL method the students will not only learn more number of words but also the usage of those words as well. The advantage of using CALL method is that they can do the entire study skill activity at their own pace and time using their own learning styles and strategies.


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