In brief, it is clear that UKM students are much updated with the current mobile phone trends. They place a lot of importance on the quality of their mobile phones’ cameras because they want to capture high-quality selfies and pictures. Other than that, it would seem that most of them use their mobile phones to access mobile messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram rather than calling and texting. Youths nowadays prefer to use those apps as they only require good Internet connection and is free of charge. Majority of them prefer to use power banks to charge their phones. It can also be seen that young adults would prefer mobile phones with high quality features and perhaps features that are according to the current trends if they were to buy new ones. Majority of the students bought their mobile phones as a necessity unlike many years ago, owning mobile phones were a luxury. It can be concluded that even as the trends for mobile phones come and go, young adults in this generation are able to keep up with them.


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